Why People Work With Us

Your goals are unique, and that’s how we advise you. But why would you choose to work with us?

1. We’re Fiduciaries

As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to prioritize your best interests. Even if you choose not to work with us, ensure you collaborate with a full-time fiduciary.

2. Fee-Based

As a fee-based service, our economic interests are directly aligned with yours. Our success is intertwined with your success. This approach ensures that you are not locked into complex products for extended periods of time. You have the freedom to terminate our services at any time.

3. Goal Focused

We help people hit financial goals. Whether you are just getting started in your journey, or you are preparing for an exit to the next chapter of life, we have experience assisting clients who have found themselves in a similar position. With hundreds of clients, this means we’ve seen just about every financial scenario possible.

4. Our Advisors are Advisors, Not Salespeople

Our advisory approach revolves around teamwork, setting us apart from the industry norm. Not only do our advisors not compete with each other, but they actively collaborate to ensure your success and prosperity.

5. We Give Honest, Direct Advice

We take pride in providing not just honest, but straightforward advice. We understand that there are times when it’s essential to deliver recommendations and guidance that you may need to hear. We firmly believe that candid, direct advice is instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. You deserve nothing less.

6. Education Driven

Navigating the selection process of whom to collaborate with can be a complex endeavor. Determining the credibility and trustworthiness of potential partners is crucial. That’s why we provide complimentary educational resources on vital subjects, specifically designed to allow you to thoroughly evaluate our offerings. There’s absolutely no obligation. If our content resonates with you, we welcome the opportunity to engage in further discussions.

Allow us to emphasize our commitment to your well-being: Your goals are our top priority, and we will only offer guidance if we genuinely believe we can assist you. We will do so by formulating a customized plan that we consider the optimal path for you to achieve your goals.

Introducing OxenFree Financial: We are a team of experienced, direct, and licensed fiduciaries. With us, you can expect advice that prioritizes your best interests, without compromise.