Our Fees

Transparent and Aligned with Your Goals

Our fee structure is simple and designed to align your interests with ours. 


We earn our fee as a percentage of the assets we manage for you. Unlike many other financial services firms, our compensation is not tied to specific investments or advice recommendations. We are paid the same, regardless of how you’re invested. This ensures our focus remains solely on your best interests.

Additionally, as your accounts grow, the percentage-based fee may actually decrease. Yes, more can mean less.

Your fee includes the following:


  • Licensed investment advising
  • Comprehensive retirement planning
  • Investment trades
  • Estate planning assistance
  • Detailed advice on Social Security and Medicare
  • Unlimited access to educational resources (videos, articles, documents, books, software, and more)
  • Ongoing portfolio rebalancing
  • On-demand 24/7 account access (web & app)
  • Comprehensive financial planning software
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with your advisor
Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled service as your long-term partner throughout your financial journey.