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A prominent reason OxenFree Financial has been selected as a SmartVestor Pro is because we’re committed to helping you achieve your long-term investing goals. You can be confident that we have your best interests at heart.

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OxenFree translates to “all are set free”

If you’ve ever played the childhood game of hide ‘n’ seek, you’re likely familiar with the popular phrase “Olly Olly Oxenfree,” meaning “All are set free.” At OxenFree Financial, we resonate with this expression as it aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering financial freedom through hard work. Our goal is to provide a sense of peace to those who collaborate with us, empowering them with the liberating feeling that comes from partnering with OxenFree Financial.

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Johnny Sinchok
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Investment Advisor Representative
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Garth Moreau
Christian Cathey
Andrew Cettina
Amy Harper


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